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Still Here

Winter was busy, work was stressful, I was sick.   Things are better now and I hope to regularly schedule programming again by the end of this week at latest. Sorry for the delay.  Check out my portfolio or Instagram in the meantime.

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Adventures in Domesticity

Hello! It’s been a minute. I’ve been busy in that way that completes the things you need to get done, but not the things you want to get done. It’s all for the greater good, apparently. Essentially time after work is spent corralling, feeding, herding, and cleaning up after the cats. We’re all on a …

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Drop One, Carry The Two

This past Friday I came home from Michaels with sixty dollars worth of yarn, plastic canvas, and a book telling me that I too could make Adorable Things. Mostly coasters. It hadn’t been a good day for me. I was in a bad place and felt like a total failure that should cease to exist …

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